The stats code introduced yesterday had a bug which only triggered about 24 hours after it had launched. It kicked in for different blogs at different times, but the result was that starting sometime last night you probably started to see really obvious spam getting past your Akismet filters.

All of our systems were up and running at the time, and spam was being correctly identified, which is why our monitoring systems didn’t notify us of the problem. However, there was extra junk being included with the response which broke the API call, which expects only “true” or “false”.

I’m really sorry about this, when things are working smoothly it’s easy to forget how much vile junk is actually being blocked day to day. I’m going to go through my blogs now and double-check that no spam actually got published, and I’d suggest other folks do the same. The “mass edit” mode under “Comments” should be useful for WordPress users.

I’ve also taken steps to make sure on the Akismet side this kind of error can’t happen again.

Better Stats

We did some upgrades to the system last night to do some more finely grained tracking of the per blog and per key amounts of spam, ham, and mistakes moving through the system. It’s starting to expose some interesting data, and it’s kinda fun to play with. I’m curious if folks would be interested in getting access to the data for their key, daily stats and such? No graphs yet, but that’s a logical next step.

Update: This upgrade had a bug that caused some downtime.

For PunBB

PunBB is cool forum software, which is now even cooler that it has spam protection.

Per Soderlind has written an Akismet spam protection mod for PunBB. Per said:

Thank you for making Akismet, I finally got rid of spam from my forum.

I’ve added it to our development page, which now features 24 different application and language implementations of Akismet.

For Coldfusion

Brandon Harper has announced the availability of CFAkismet, a Coldfusion implementation of the Akismet API.

I just added it to our development page where it joins several other fine languages.

If you have a cool implementation of Akismet, be sure to let us know so we can blog it.

MT 3.31 breaks Akismet

We’ve been getting several reports of errors with Akismet after people upgrade to Movable Type 3.31. To be honest we’re not Perl hackers so if you have any clues what might be causing the error and we’ll update this entry with information on a workaround or a new version of the plugin.