One Hundred Million

This will probably be the last spam milestone we blog for a while, but a few hours ago Akismet passed 100,000,000 spams blocked. Whoa.

When we hit one million spams blocked I talked about how much time Akismet has saved its users if you made the assumption of 1 second per spam that Akismet caught and you never had to see. Going by that same formula, Akismet has now saved folks 27,777 hours or about 3.2 years of consectutive 24-hour days.

This of course doesn’t include time saved by regular commenters not having to deal with difficult-to-read CAPTCHA images, boil-the-ocean authentication schemes, or complicated confirmation systems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Podz, who has been helping out a tremendous amount on the support side of things, and all the developers who have built plugins or libraries on top of the Akismet API, as they have brought the Akismet experience far beyond the world of WordPress.

If we’re doing our job right, you should forget Akismet even exists. Its presence should be defined much like silence — the absence of noisy spam.

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New Commercial Pricing

We’ve rolled out some new pricing for commercial use based on the feedback you guys have been giving us. Pro-blogger has remained exactly the same.

The first thing you’ll notice is the Enterprise access now has several price levels starting from $50/mo based on how many blogs you have. This should allow more flexibility for businesses just getting started out.

Second we’ve seen a lot of use of the Akismet API for things which aren’t blogs at all, like feedback forms, guestbooks, and more. For this type of use people might find it easiest to purchase commercial use based on the number of calls they make to Akismet, so we conjured up a new system called the Access API, which also starts at $50 a month.

Keep sharing your thoughts, and we’ll continue to make the service fit your needs better.

For Dot Net

Joel Thoms of has written a .NET 2.0 library for Akismet, which we’ve added to our development page. We’ve also had another one of these sent in that I need to upload to the site somewhere.

If you’re on a Microsoft platform and need spam protection for any application that takes user input, this library might be for you.

Update: Here is another .Net class someone did, this time for .Net 1.1. I’ve updated the development page with links to both.

For vBulletin

Jeff Capron wrote in to say he’s written a plugin to use Akismet for vBulletin. The site requires an email to check it out, so I haven’t tried it out myself, but if you use the very popular vBulletin forum software you may want to check this out and let us know how it works in the comments.

Three Testimonials

Here are three testimonials we got in this morning:

I’ve been hit hard by comment spam over the last few months, getting at one point hundreds a day. My homegrown systems did a good job, despite the occasional false positive, but did require a lot of maintenance. I’ve switched to Akismet, and have not had one spam get through. I’ve not had one false positive. Finally, I can stop worrying about dealing with the spam!

Dave Child

Can I please hug you? I was buried in spam. Now I’m not. Akismet just works.


(For the record, we’re pro-hug.)

Thank you for my new found freedom from spam! Please know that you are loved!


Notes like this really brighten the day, so thank you folks for sending them in. 🙂

Drupal Module

Markus from has put together a really cool Akismet module for Drupal, which is a very flexible content management system. I’ve added it to our development page. If you’re dealing with big communities of submitted content, Drupal + Akismet might be a good bet for you.

b5media Blog Network

The b5media Blog Network recently got an Akismet Enterprise License and is installing it for all their blogs. For people running dozens or even hundreds of blogs, I can’t imagine how much time Akismet spam protection saves for them and their writers. I’m biased, but I think it’s a very prescient move on their part.

Moderation can protect any blog but with spam ever rising you have to ask if all the time it takes to sift through so many comments is really worth it.

Update: A little more information about it at Blogging Pro and from the b5media blog.