78 responses on “Spammers Say the Darndest Things

  1. That’s fun. I have seen a lot of them last year. Others posted “Do not delete I need money”, sound pretty poor. Oh, I am also poor.

    Other trend look like normal comment with don’t understand something on post but commenter url is something els.

  2. Yup! And since they are such upright individuals I am willing to release all my financial information to them via email. No, wait Mr. Spammer. The check is in the mail.

    Austin (recent victim of spam blogs Argh!)

  3. Was this one of those “Get super-size for your willy on New Year holiday!” spam? πŸ™‚

  4. Ha, nice. It’s a step above “Help me get out of debt” and a step below “Dearest friend, I have cancer and would like to give all of my money to you.”

    What will they come up with next – and most importantly, when will these every work?

  5. If I wasn’t feeling so sardonic about this, I’d splork my screen.

    I’ll send them a donation from the millions I’m getting from the general in Nigeria — or is that the fellow who says he’ll share his take from the Irish Sweepstakes with me?

  6. it’s the american way no? say you’re doing it for the children or the women or the downtrodden in some distant land who’ve not yet discovered the great ideals of demockery. strike that. make it democracy. right? riiight!

  7. They’ve resorted to asking people to not remove spam!? Wow! Thats friggin awesome! Next thing you know they’ll be offering us lotza monies to not remove spam. hehehehhehee.

  8. Nice! Reminds me of the one I used to regularly get and seems to have disappeared recently:

    “I’m an evil person and have to spam”

    At least they were being partly honest on that one…

  9. How should we interpret this? The spambots are actually children from Uganda? Then it all makes sense, doesn’t it? O_o

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