Using HTTP 1.1

If you’re using HTTP 1.1 in your Akismet client, or the one in PEAR, there’s a bug that could cause your client to timeout.

The problem does not lie with Akismet servers, the problem lies in an incorrect implementation of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections in the Akismet class. The Akismet API servers support persistent connections for HTTP/1.1 but the class is not written to use persistent connections. Specifying a ‘Connection: close’ header will fix the problem for HTTP/1.1.

Read more about the problem here.

6 responses on “Using HTTP 1.1

  1. Hmm … Seems my servers changed from using HTTP 1.0 to HTTP 1.1 … I looked at your “#{DefV}’s rant” page, but honestly: I’m not too much of a coder, and looking through my WordPress-Plugin, I could not find the string to change ….
    I’d be so glad, if I could just use a simple “Akismet Plugin for WordPress” that works with HTTPD 1.1

    If you have any suggestion to me, please send me a mail, I’d be very very thankfull

    (No diss to SpamKarma, but I really prefer Akismet, and I don’t want to change back all my Blogs to using something else, since it worked so fine for so long ….)

  2. It’s really a shame that the OP uses the term “buggy Akismet servers” without having bothered to finish his research/analysis, instead settling for the first step that produced results that he liked…

    …and then didn’t even bother to update the original article after the truth was revealed, going so far as to close comments so that no-one else could point it out more bluntly.

    It paints Akismet in a bad light that it doesn’t deserve.

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