Do you appreciate Akismet?

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We’re working on a new site design and would love to include some new testimonials whether you just started being protected by Akismet or if it’s been safeguarding your site for 5+ years now.

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  1. 18,000 spam in less than a year. I’d probably have closed comments at this stage if Akismet wasn’t available.

  2. Wow, you guys actually do post here! πŸ˜‰

    From my experience Akismet plus Intense Debate’s anti-spam feature is the only thing that keeps the human spammers at bay.

    Without either of them working, I’d be screwed. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,

    I’ve been using Akismet for more than four years on different web sites and Akismet took care of the countless spams i got.

  4. Thank you for providing a very user-friendly comment-spam-reducing application. It’s made my life a lot easier with >95% accuracy in marking messages as spam.

  5. I was fairly new to WP when a client asked me to develop a site for them that allowed them to quickly and easily publish content that would complement their print publication. WP seemed to fit the bill and we were quickly up and running. After launch they began receiving an insane amount of spam comments and as admin to the site, I received all of those in my email, often as many as 100 a day. Long story short, after 30 seconds of research I learned about Akismet and put it in place in July of 2009. A year later, they receive 1,000 unique IP visitors daily and not one spam comment has gotten through. Your plugin is unbelieva-easy to install and activate and it just plain works. I don’t know what voo-doo magic you use but keep up the good work. Akismet rules.

  6. Without Akismet blogging would suck! Spammers are determined to infest my site and I rest every day knowing that Akismet is working equally hard to prevent them from succeeding. I previously spent most of my day cleaning out bogus comments that are now intercepted by Akismet with unprecedented accuracy.

    Akismet = Peace of Mind

  7. I’ve been using Akismet on more than a dozen WordPress sites for three years. In all that time, it has never failed to protect my domains from being inundated with spam.

  8. My blog has been guarded by Akismet since its inception half a year ago, and I have never had any problem with spam whatsoever — originally one of my main concerns about starting a website. It’s amazingly effective, precise, and easy to use.

  9. It is a life saver. I couldn’t imagine WordPress without it, I would have to shut down the majority of my websites due to spam.

  10. Do I appreciate Akismet? Do I appreciate Akismet!?!?! I wouldn’t blog without it! I remember “the dark ages” before Akismet, when I had to deal with spam on a constant basis and checking my blog was an annoyance because of it.

    Great job on this guys, I can’t tell you how much i’ve enjoyed having it for the past few years.

  11. I appreciate Akismet quite a bit, it has protected 4 of my sites for the last 4 years, and it has done it hands down better than any other software. Thank you all for everything you do!

  12. I have been blogging for several years, and at first was shocked at the amount of spam that hit the site. After installing Askimet the amount I had to deal with myself slowed to a trickle. I still get the occasional spam slipping through, but no more than one a week or less, which is a great track record.

  13. In one sentence, Akismet is the only weapon which gives up to fight with the our devils. Do you hate spamming, ‘Akismetizing’ your site.

  14. Akismet is absolutely wonderful! I’ve been using it on my primary blog for several years and it caught hundreds of thousands of SPAM comments without throwing away anything valuable. This is a really good example of technology to follow – it solves a major problem without ever being in your way. I wish we had more solutions like this. No tweaking, no fooling around – just install, activate, and enjoy. It must have saved a whole life time or two by now.

    A big “thank you” to everyone who was ever involved with the project.

  15. of course! Akismet has prevented so many spam comments on my blog. Akismet is something that I can’t blog without. Hehe. πŸ˜€

  16. Thousands upon thousands of spam comments and I still have time to write this despite checking and approving ALL comments which get through Akismet … nuff said

  17. Akismet is awesome, I’ve been using it on various blogs for about a year now. I have yet to find a better solution for stopping spam and best of all it’s free.

  18. Akismet is the spam blocking plugin that other spam blocking plugins aspire to be. It has replaced the three or four plugins I used before Akismet was born.

  19. Askimet has been protecting my a$$ for over two years now.

    I have (at the time of writing this testimonial) 4,117 comments on my Blog, and Akismet has stopped 4,709 spammers.

    If it wasn’t for Akismet, my Blog would be filled with porno site and “cheap” pharmaceutical links instead of helpful relationship information.

    Thank You Akismet…

    You Rock!!

    S. Williams

  20. I’ve been using Akismet since early spring, and it has already stopped more than 500 spam comments. Thank you so much! You give me more time to do whatever I want, instead of having to cope with stuff I don’t want to know.

  21. Blog #1, 1000 comments approved, 15000 spam blocked by Akismet.

    Blog #2, 500 comments approved, 33000 spam blocked by Akismet.

    No doubt about it, Akismet has saved me a lot of time, effort, and kept my blogs from being overrun by spammers.

  22. The villian, Spam, gave life to the greatest superhero of all time: Akismet!

    I run tens of WordPress installs, so instead of tallying them all, let me just tell you Akismet has saved me A LOT OF TIME πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE Akismet – it stops 99.9% of the spam that would otherwise flood my site. It’s effective, it’s critical to my sites and it’s free! What’s not to love???

  24. Though Akismet works perfectly at catching spam, it really needs some improvement. For example, spambots puts additional pressure on the server trying to leave spam comments and I have to customize .htaccess file in order to reject them. Otherwise I have around 500 spam comments in 2 days.

    1. Akismet doesn’t prevent comments, so that site owners can review the ‘spammed’ comments if they want to.

      If you are looking to prevent certain comments then blocking them via .htaccess is definitely one way to do that.

  25. I’ve been using Akismet since about 2006, and it saves me hours a month in dealing with spam. I’m very grateful for the free service, since I run a no-profit personal blog on my own server and time. Thanks, Akismet!

  26. Akismet is very effective! It put an end to the spam I was getting.

    I’m concerned about how it’s proprietary to Automattic, though, and am keeping an eye out for a distributed / open-source alternative.

  27. Oh, I appreciate Akismet
    Oh, yes, I do
    Even if I donna kno how to pronounce the product name
    It’s better than a hole in my shoe.

  28. Akismet protects my blog from 80 to over 200 spam comments, every day of the week! I cannot imagine what the state of blogging would be like without it, as blogs would be forced to disable comments, or use comment-limiting registration solutions.

  29. Akismet revolutionized comments spam even before they became epidemic! It’s very rare to see a false positive in my sites, and even more rare to see a spam listed as real comment.

    Without it, website comments would probably be gone now, everybody would have been closed comments because pratically all were spam, and the best open community interaction solution would be dead now!

  30. Of course – who wouldn’t love Akismet? I actually labeled it one of the must-have plugins in a recent blog post. I love that it’s preinstalled and has a super-easy setup. It also has caught about 90% of my spam comments (on my other site – not WP Squared – that one’s too new!). I think the 10% that it missed just needed that human factor to weed them out. So…yeah…love it…thanks!

  31. Howdy,

    I can’t be the first person to comment here, can I? I’ve been using Akismet since sometime in 2006, and used the paid commercial license for thee years, from 2007-2010. Keep up the great work!

  32. I operate 2 distinct blogs – one multi-user, now over a year old, for fun and the other, only a couple of weeks old, for work. Akismet is absolutely brilliant at weeding out spam comments and has never let one through (loads posted, though) in 14 months. Thank you!

  33. I am using Akismet spam protection for more than 2 years. I’m not a hardcore blogger but even so, Akismet protected my blog from more than 3000 spam comments (as you can see on my akismet widget). It’s perfect! And it is getting better and better with each update release.

    Thank you for your hardwork and keep up the good work!

    Adrian S.
    Casual Blogger πŸ™‚

  34. Akismet saves my life, work, and ability to sleep at night every day. I think of it as a form of insurance, protecting my blog when I’m not there to prevent evil doers, thieves in the night, and bored twits from spamming my blog walls. I also feel empowered like I’m part of a bigger whole, a team across the world fighting back against the enemy that wastes our time, abuses our resources, and clogs up the pipes of the Internet.

    Thank you Akismet Team for the right to blog freely and for letting me help make the web a safer, kinder, and funner place to play.

  35. Am I a fan? YOU BET I AM! While I don’t have a high-traffic site, I still get spammed. Akismet catches well over 99 percent of everything I don’t want to see. False positives are very, very rare, and missed spam even rarer.

    Coming up on 3 years and 10,000 spam blocked by Akismet. Don’t run WordPress without it!

  36. I built numerous websites (around 50 now) on WordPress and ALL of them are protected by Akismet. It is a wonderfull plugin that keeps commenters out, for various reasons.

    I didn’t want comments on my company’s business site advertising all kinds of malicious links or pr0n, and I sure didn’t want those on the site of our baby daughter, which we use to post pictures and keep family up-to-date about the adventures of our one year old.

    Akismet helps me preventing this kind of garbage off my sites by automatically dismissing them and/or informing me about comments.
    And the various settings give me a lot of control on how I want spam be taken care of.


  37. I tried several spam prevention plugins and methods before finding Akismet. A year later and thousands of spam comments blocked on multiple WordPress installs; I wouldn’t recommend anything else!

  38. I teach people how to manage their own websites using WordPress. Akismet is the first plug in we activate and set up to keep their sites safe. Thank you for this plug in!

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