Akismet WordPress Plugin 4.0 Now Available

Version 4.0 of the Akismet plugin for WordPress is available.

This update, a.k.a, “Akismet for the REST of Us,” adds endpoints to the WordPress REST API for configuring Akismet and retrieving Akismet stats. Documentation is available here, or you can read the code that adds the endpoints in the `class.akismet-rest-api.php` file.

The progress indicator on the “Check for Spam” button has been improved as well and now shows the percentage of comments that have been rechecked rather than just a loading indicator.

This release also removes support for versions of WordPress before 4.0. If you’re running anything older than that, you should upgrade.

To upgrade, visit the Updates page of your WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions. If you need to download the plugin zip file directly, links to all versions are available in the WordPress plugins directory.

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