Introducing New Self-serve Options for Enterprise Plus Plans

We’re all about making it easy to keep spam off your site, from the initial signup process to the protection we provide for years to come. 

Last year, we introduced Enterprise Plus plans, designed for businesses that have over 60K API calls each month. But until now, you had to contact our sales team to register. 

Don’t get us wrong, our sales team is pretty awesome. But time is money and the sooner you’re registered, the sooner you’re protected.

So, we’ve made signing up for an Enterprise Plus plan easier than ever. 

Three new Enterprise Plus plans

The three tiers are based on monthly API calls. We define an API call as any time a request is made to our servers – basically when we check your content for spam. The larger your site and the more visitors, comments, and form submissions you have, the more API calls you’ll use.

And now, customers with less than two million per month can now sign up automatically. 

60K – 350K API calls per month 

This tier costs $250 per month. Simply choose the plan, agree to our terms and conditions, and you can check out right away. 

And there’s a bonus: Sign up for an annual subscription and you’ll get a 16% discount — $500 back in your pocket! 

350K – 2 million API calls per month 

Woah — that’s a lot of spam-fighting power! 

This plan is $1,250 per month. Sign up for a year and save $2,500 with the 16% discount. 

2+ million API calls per month 

If you expect more than two million monthly API calls, you should speak to one of our spam-fighting experts to get a custom plan. Just let us know.

Exceeding API call limits 

Sometimes it’s hard to accurately predict your exact needs. Plus, things outside of your control can temporarily impact the number of API calls you use. 

That’s why, if you exceed your plan’s limit for a couple of months, there’s no reason to worry. We’ll continue to fight spam while we see if your usage normalizes. However, if you exceed the limit for more than three consecutive months, future requests in excess of the monthly limit will be denied until you upgrade your plan. 

Remember: the number of API calls is tracked based on the calendar month, not the date you registered or renewed. You can monitor your API usage by going to the bottom of your account page, clicking the prompt that says, “click here for account-wide spam stats,” and checking the Total API Calls column. 

Learn more about API limits and reducing API calls.

Get started with Enterprise Plus 

Our new self-serve options for less than two million API calls mean one less barrier to great spam-fighting power. 

Less talking, less spam, more time. 

Pretty great, right? 

Get started with an Enterprise Plus plan

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