August Stats Roundup

This post is part of a monthly series summarizing some stats and figures from the Akismet universe. Feel free to browse all of the posts in the series.

In August, there were 7,203,785,500 pieces of spam that came through Akismet. If each piece of spam were one word, it would take 6645 copies of the Harry Potter series to accomodate them all.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of spam and legitimate comments (what we call ham) we saw last month:

Akismet spam and ham stats Aug 2014

Our busiest day was August 21, with about 269 million spam messages, and the slowest day was August 3 with 173 million. We missed only about 1 in every 5,916 spams.

The number of spam message is up 92% from last year, which is a similar large rise we’ve seen in previous months. It’s also up from last month by 28%.

The number of legimate messages that went through this month is 33,377,8500. If each legitimate comment was a word, they’d only fill 307 copies of the Harry Potter series. The amount of legitimate content going around is only about 4% – and the large difference is business as usual.

As always, if your own missed spam or false positive numbers are on the rise, we’d love to help. You can reach out through our contact form.

August was a big month in the spam universe, three services were in the news. Google added new spam filtering support to Gmail – you can find more info on PC World. Twitter announced its new spam filtering system, BotMaker. And, Apple’s iMessage seems to have been hit with a bout of spam. Wired explained why, though MacWorld showed us why the numbers may not in fact be so dire.

And now for a question for the readers: what other data tidbits would you like to see mentioned or discussed in these monthly spam reports? We’d love to hear from you, and accomodate where we can 🙂

Welcome To Your New Account Page

If you’ve logged in to your Akismet account within the past week or so, you’ve probably noticed quite a few changes. We’re happy to announce some updates to your account dashboard, which will make it easier to manage your Akismet subscription.

The most significant update to the dashboard is an active site listing, which will display each site that has used your API key within the past 90 days. Each site is linked to its dedicated stats URL, which details specific usage. If you have numerous active sites, you can use the handy new search feature to quickly locate one of your URLs. This all makes it possible to know where and how your subscription is being used at any given time.

New Akismet Account Dashboard

In addition to this new stats goodness, the billing information (for users with premium subscriptions) has been moved to a unified section where you can quickly access your transaction history and receipts. This greatly reduces the amount of scrolling that your old dashboard required.

We’ve also added a new Support section with some links to a few popular support documents and an option to get in touch with our Happiness Engineers.

Oh, and the whole thing has been given a fresh coat of paint, as well.

So, log in and take a look. We hope you enjoy these changes and always welcome your feedback. If you notice any problems or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And because we like to keep the goodies coming, look out for a forthcoming update to our stats pages!

Akismet 3.0.2 for WordPress Available

Version 3.0.2 of the Akismet plugin for WordPress is now available.

In version 3.0.2, we’ve improved performance and fixed a bug that could have negatively affected Akismet’s ability to determine whether a comment is spam.

To upgrade, visit the Updates page of your WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions. If you need to download the plugin zip file directly, links to all versions are available in the WordPress plugins directory.

July Stats Roundup

This post is part of a monthly series summarizing some stats and figures from the Akismet universe. Feel free to browse all of the posts in the series.

In July, Akismet saw 5,608,437,500 pieces of spam come through. If each piece of spam were a book, there would be enough books to fill 156 Libraries of Congress (the largest library in the world).

There was a small increase in spam numbers since June – about 5%, but a 71% increase from last year in July. That’s about the same yearly increase as the one was saw in last month.

We also saw 310,275,000 legitimate comments made, which makes up only 5% of the total comments we see going around. If each real comment were a book, there would enough to fill only 8 Libraries of Congress (still not bad!).

Our busiest day was July 8 with about 240 million pieces of spam, and our slowest day was 6 with 133 million comments. Not a big range.

Overall, we missed only about 0.0206% of all spam comments this month. Although there weren’t any big fluctuations in our missed spam numbers this month, your missed spam numbers may be different. If you’re seeing more missed spam than usual come through, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help :).

Here’s how much spam and ham came through each day of the month:


This month we did not have any service interruptions. You are welcome to follow us on Twitter or this blog for updates on that.

Here are some interesting articles on spam from around the web we liked this month:

Akismet 3.0.1 for WordPress Now Available

Extry, extry, read all about it! Version 3.0.1 of the Akismet plugin for WordPress is now available!

Even though it’s not a big round number like our 3.0 release, we’ve worked hard to make Akismet even better in 3.0.1:

  • We’ve reduced the amount of data we store in the akismet_as_submitted comment meta value for each comment.
  • Akismet no longer depends on the fsockopen PHP function.
  • jQuery is no longer required for Akismet’s frontend JavaScript.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing spam reports from outside of the dashboard (the iOS app, for example) to be ignored.
  • If an API key is suspended for any reason, comments will now all be sent to the Pending queue instead of the Spam folder.
  • …and lots of other improvements to performance and error-handling.

To upgrade, visit the Plugins or Updates page of your WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions. If you need to download the zip file directly, links to all versions are available in the WordPress plugins directory.

June Stats Roundup

This post is part of a monthly series summarizing some stats and figures from the Akismet universe. Feel free to browse all of  the posts in the series.

In June, Akismet caught 5,349,305,000 pieces of spam – that includes spam comments, forum posts, contact form submissions, etc. If each piece of spam were one meter (that’s about three feet), that would be enough spam to tour around the Earth 130 times!

"Where To Next..." by gfpeck is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Where To Next…” by gfpeck is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Even so, the number of spam pieces caught this month is 18% less than the number caught last month. But, we caught 69% more spam pieces this month than last year in June. Here’s a breakdown of the amount of spam and ham (that is, real) messages detected by Akismet this month:

Akismet Spam and Ham Stats June 2014

As usual, there is much more spam going around than ham – there were only 2,847,015,00 non-spam messages detected by Akismet in June, which makes up just 5% of all the messages reviewed by Akismet. If each real messages were one meter, they would only be enough for 7 tours around the Earth.

This month, same as last month, there weren’t any big dips or spikes in spam numbers. The busiest day of the month was June 11th with about 201 million spam messages caught, the slowest day was June 22nd with about 144 million spam caught. In June we missed only 1 in about 2,956 spam comments.

There were no service interruptions this month, so the fluctuations of in the numbers of spam comments detected are part of spam’s natural ebb and flow. For service interruption announcements you can visit our Akismet API status page or follow us on Twitter.

The spam statistics you see on your own site may resemble those we see in aggregate, or they may have larger spikes or troughs. If you’re seeing much more spam than usual, please contact us so we can help you sort things out :).

Spam Reading We Enjoyed

  • The new Canadian anti-spam law comes into effect today, but The Montreal Gazette reports that small businesses are not yet fully ready for it, though they still have time to prepare
  • Business Insider’s Gus Lubin tells us what happens when you incorrectly click the spam button in your email inbox: marking an email as spam when it’s really not, is not cool.
  • This article from PC World reminds us that most spam comes from just a few sources (yet another example of the 80-20 rule), and the best way to thwart spam comments is by staying vigilant.

Akismet Saves Kansas City

akkcAkismet is a distributed team with members from all over the world (from Australia to Ireland to South Dakota). So, a couple of times each year, the team gets together to hang out and work on some fun projects. This past week, we all got together in Kansas City, Missouri (mainly for access to Google Fiber!). We were pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do around the city and found its midwestern charm quite lovely. The area of town we stayed in, known as ‘The Crossroads’, was full of great food and interesting sights to take in.

Heavy ReadingOnce we were finished with our projects and made sure that the world was safe from spam, we went searching for fun. We discovered that Kansas City is home to the world’s only subterranean paintball course, where an old limestone mine was converted into a colorful battleground. It was a really unique and fantastic experience – minus the bruises! Highly recommended if you ever visit.

The most visible change around here as a result of the meetup is our new and improved home page. The old version had been around for quite some time, and our designer, Dan, had a really great vision for moving it forward. Super clean, a great flow, and with some awesome custom illustrations. There is even a little easter egg for you to discover (hint: contra)!